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A tested and proven approach

From the desk of: Lee Butterworth a.k.a. Lee Butts

Owner/Founder Xtreme Fitness

If you want a tested and proven approach to experiencing joy during the process of getting your body to be less and less of a pain in the arse, you are in the right place.

What I want to reveal to you is a strategy that 2,011 young, old, and barely mobile Cumbrians of all genders, shapes, and sizes have been using to lose an average of 15 ½ pounds.

Pay close attention…Over the span of 28 fast days, these people are losing damn near the weight of the heaviest balls you can find at the bowling alley – 16 pounds.

And this fat-loss is happening while eating REAL food that even their fussiest junk-food addicted toddlers, teens, and spouses are cheerfully scarfing down right alongside with them.

What’s really cool is that in 28 days, I promise you won’t ever need my help again if you don’t want it.

In 28 days, you’ll know enough of what I know to be able disconnect from me forever and continue losing fat.

And I insist on it always being this way.

Here’s just a bit about me:

Hi  my name is Lee Butterworth and I’ve been training for the 25 years and I would love to teach you everything I’ve learned about nutrition and fat loss.

I too have struggled with my weight my whole life and found a simple way to manage it.

Xtreme Lean is a fantastic way to build confidence in the gym while getting awesome results in just 28 days.

I’ve put everything i know into building this plan to make it effective yet simple.

I know you will love it just as much as me.

With all of this in mind, here is the outcome I worked towards when I developed Xtreme Lean…By handing you everything I do in Xtreme Lean… letting you see, feel, and hear the evidence that this system does what I say it will… I’m literally working myself out of a job.

And I insist on it always being this way.

The Birth of The Cumbria Customised Solution For Honest People With High, Yet Realistic Fat Loss Expectations

Xtreme Lean is about OPENING your eyes, your mind, your heart, and your soul as to what it should feel like to lose fat and continuously enjoy the progress you’re making.

Let me show you why the The 3 Pillars of The Xtreme Lean Plan are widely considered to be a more compassionate, relaxed, and tailor-made approach to personal record-setting weight loss…

Xtreme Lean Priority #1:

Helping You Talk Your Way Into The Clothes You Felt Your Best In

What do you genuinely want to enjoy about the process of losing your excess fat?

What would it look like?

What would it sound like?

What would it feel like?

In terms of food, what would it smell and taste like?

Believing it is POSSIBLE for you to have this future is the first step to realising it.

The next belief that reinforces this one is believing you’re CAPABLE of living in this future.

As you embrace this belief without even trying, my team and I watch you getting fully onboard with the belief that you’re WORTHY of living into this future.

This is what you call a SYSTEM OF BELIEFS.Just setting a weight goal doesn’t do shit if you don’t strategically address this System of Beliefs.

You always work better with support and being accountable to someone. Our Qualified personal trainers keep an eye on you and support you get from our Facebook community group really helps keep you focused.

The Group Support, your Accountability Progression and both the consistent Public and/or Private Personal Contact you’ll be having with your designated trainer have all been designed with the intention of helping you have loving and courageous conversations with yourself that go hand-in-hand with wholeheartedly believing in your mind, your heart, your gut, and your soul that this time is different.

In summary you will be gifted:

➔ A Dedicated Trainer
➔ Gain Immediate Access to the Xtreme Community
➔ Locked into our Accountability Progression System

Xtreme Lean Priority #2:

How To Joyfully Eat Your Way Into The Clothes You Felt Your Best In

A massive contributor to you believing it’s possible for you to lose weight… believing that you’re capable of losing weight… and believing that you’re worthy of losing weight has to do with you going right ahead with eating normal food.

In Xtreme Lean, if you eat meat you go on doing this.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you go right on ahead eating food that meets those guidelines. Every single person who has gone through Xtreme Lean will tell you that I don’t give a damn what you eat or drink during the 28 days… as long you stick to your specific meal plan requirements.

Here’s what this means…

It’s plain common sense that if you don’t work a plan, the plan can’t work for you.

This is why I DEMANDED that any plan I offered to you MUST meet these five criteria above.

So, it’s no surprise that 95% of the people who sign up… coast all the way through their 28 day plan.

And most importantly, at the end of 28 days having our Boditrax Machine (an expensive body composition tool used by the NHS that we also have here at the gym) show you metrics that prove you’ve lost fat; not just water.

In Summary you will receive:

➔ Xtreme “No Brainer” Meal Plan

Simple Flexible Meal Plan that lays out the exact diet plan (all the best foods, quick cook recipes, & meal timing schedules). With this plan you’ll finally be able lose fat while enjoying delicious food – without feeling hungry, tired, or battling cravings like restrictive diets

Xtreme Lean Priority #3:

Moving Your Way Into The Clothes You Felt Your Best In

Everyone loses weight in this program whether they exercise or not when they’re following their meal plan.

If you’re a beginner, you can work out once a week; no more than three days a week.

If you’re 65, haven’t been active for 15 years and you’re not interested in dislocating your hip doing workouts led by some kid who can exercise at the gym six days a week and the STILL have the energy required to have hour-long Kama Sutra animalistic daily sex sessions that are their own intense workout; no worries.

You would still lose weight with your Xtreme Lean plan, even if the only kind of sex you’re having is the kind where you lay back and your lover or your hand is doing ALL the work. Same thing applies if you’re dealing with past injuries and your range of motion or the loads you can bear are limited.

Your common sense tells you that exercise will not only help ramp up the weight loss but, more importantly it helps change the shape of your body – giving you curves and firmness in all the right places.

Sure, you will see younger people who join Xtreme Lean and go balls-to-the-wall with the exercise programs we design for them. But I would say the majority of people in Lean pace themselves with only walking or low impact movement and are amazed at how they’re getting results that they’ve never gotten before with any of the exercise regimens designed by a 20-year-old who has no consideration for how it feels like to be in a 40, 50, or 65-year-old out-of-shape body.

Here’s the primary exercise requirement for Xtreme Lean…Movement that you can easily recover from.

Whatever movement you choose to do, whether it’s the gym or home workouts we create for you or… something else you fancy like Cross Fit, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pole Dancing, Water Aerobics, or whatever else… you should not feel any lingering soreness from it two days later.

If you have been training for years, I know you’ve got your own training routines you’re wanting to do.

For this reason, I have developed progressive workout plans for people who have NOT worked out all that much in their life or… who have been off the wagon for a long while and need to ease back into it.

Both the gym and home workouts included in the program are designed to help beginner muscles wake up and recover fully.

Your meal plan strategy is designed to burn fat so you can’t expect to build a ton of muscle if you already have a bunch. Instead, you’ll be looking to maintain the muscle you have and drop fat.

But if you’re a beginner, you can definitely expect to build some muscle as your body is adjusting to the new challenges, you’re offering it.

Oh, I almost for to tell you, you’re not going to pay any fees to come workout at our gym while you’re in Xtreme Lean. I’ll be covering the fees for you for the full 28 days.

In Summary you will receive:

Xtreme “Fat Loss & Fitness” Workouts

You can do these safe & time-efficient workouts at home or the gym – in under 2 hours each week (yes, I know how busy you are). All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a small space to workout, or any gym. These workouts are designed to boost your metabolism & fire up your energy so you’re burning fat and feeling like you’re in your 20’s.

➔ HUGE Bonus but NOT Necessary:

Are you local to Xtreme Fitness?

Come and use our gym for FREE

This is just a sample of the action takers who joined the program, & they changed their lives forever…

"Where Is the Link to Sign Up for Xtreme Lean
and How Much Do I Give You for It?"

So, to recap, Xtreme Lean you and I have talked in depth about how Xtreme Lean consists of…
  1. Crystal Clarity + Caring Community + Consistent Contact/Accountability with Your Dedicated Trainer
  2. Continually evolving meal plans/recipes that keep you enthralled with what you get to eat
  3. And both home and gym workouts created specifically for people who need to ease into moving their bodies
  4. Free full access to the gym for the 28 days of the program (Save yourself the £45 per month membership fee)

You get everything we’ve covered here for only… £125

REMINDER ➔ Do NOT worry if you aren’t local to Xtreme Fitness

Don’t have access to a gym? Don’t worry we have you covered!

We give you access to thousands of on demand videos you can do in the comfort of your own home. You can choose what equipment you have and get workouts to match. If you have access to a gym then that’s great too as we give you a plan to follow to get the best possible results.

Early Bird Offer...£99

Xtreme Lean MUST help you fulfill your need for becoming the next best version of yourself.

We all have a need to evolve; not just a preference. Improvement is a psychological necessity. Yet we both know not all improvement is equal.

Sure, a masterful haircut works wonders for our ego…

Walking through our clean house leaves us temporarily relieved…

It is the demanding, intensely involved, higher consequence milestones we reach that light up our soul to peak brightness because we defied our lower selves and proved we could do something truly remarkable.

The more an accomplishment has the potential to enhance our identity at the core of who we are – not something temporary (makeup, haircuts, manicures, etc.) or superficial (cars, clothes, homes, etc.) – the more pride we have when we can point to it and say, “This, I have done.”

I don’t know who you’re going to allow yourself to be.

What I do know is that the more you expand who and what you can be, more pleasurable life choices will open up for you.

I very much look forward to greeting you in the Xtreme Lean private Facebook group,

Lee Butterworth a.k.a. Lee Butts

P.S. If you have further questions scroll down to the bottom and there is a complete Q & and A section for you. However, I’d suggest jumping, feet first, into Xtreme Lean and get yourself moving into the direction of your fitness goals.
Starts 7th February

Join the Challenge…£125

Early Bird Offer...£99 ends in

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Meet Claire

How on earth did you get so fat? I’ve been asked the above questions a few times over my journey to become a better me.

The answer always surprises people, you see people just assume that I sat loving life, scoffing pizza and chocolate until I eventually blew up like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

That didn’t happen, what did happen was 12 long years of neglecting myself, being a busy mum and wife, looking after a disabled child, an under active thyroid, 2 major depressive episodes, crippling anxiety, agoraphobia and battling post-traumatic stress disorder.

Food was never a priority, add in a multitude of medication to try and help the above and fat Claire began to grow.

Bad habits formed and a lack of care meant, well I just didn’t care. Well I thought I didn’t, but I did care I just didn’t have the willpower to do anything about it.

Life was hard enough without starting a diet. I did try on and off but I always failed.

Then in 2016 I took the plunge after hating myself for so long, to join Xtreme. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever done. I walked through those doors for the first time an absolute wreck. But I was greeted by the loveliest people I have ever met.

I started off doing a session 3x a week in the gym, just slow and steady, with lots of support from the lovely Beth, who would chat to me for hours, making sure I was comfortable and confident. After a while I started PTing with Lee and lost a massive 7 stone.

I’m becoming a fitter, healthier, stronger version of me. I’m not on a diet, It’s a lifestyle change. I’m changing my life, to better it.

Fat I might be, but I won’t be for long. My fat and I have been through a lot together, but now I’m letting go and pound by pound I’m becoming a better me.

Being fat isn’t something you should be ashamed or embarrassed about, it’s not something other people should make you feel bad about either.

We are what we are. Love us or hate us.

But being healthy is important and that doesn’t always go hand in hand with being overweight.

Don’t think of a diet as losing weight, think of it as becoming a healthier you, because that’s what’s important.


P.S. Come on down to Xtreme Lean Fitness if you are local and you’ll most likely see me.


Because I’m now the Business Manager of the Gym


Can I drink alcohol?
I've never exercised before and I'm scared
I'm a fussy eater can I still do the plan?
How much time do I have to train for?
What are the challenges?
Do I have to come to Xtreme Fitness?
What sets this plan apart from all the others out there?